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(From the left) Dr. Govini Balasubramani, Mr. Subramaniam Raju (patient), Dr. K. Ravindranath, Chairman & MD, Global Hospitals Group & Mr. C. Chandra Sekhar, Executive Director – Marketing & Strategy, Global Hospitals Group


Rare surgeries performed at Global Health City.

  • Mr. Subramanya Raju undergoes a minimal invasive cardiac surgery, 2 months after a liver transplant surgery.
  • Mr. N. S Rao underwent a successful repeat valve replacement surgery
  • 54 years old Ms. Papathi suffered a heart attack and underwent two Bypass surgeries to clear her blocks using the minimal invasive method.

Global Health City, Chennai: 13 September’ 2012: As the trend toward minimally invasive cardiac surgery gains acceptance, the cardiac surgical team performed a unique and uncommon surgery on 5th September using the minimally invasive method. Traditionally, cardiac surgery is performed through a sternotomy, a large incision extending down the center of the breastbone, providing access to the heart. The long scar and pain associated with this extensive incision has been a longstanding but necessary part of cardiac surgery.

Subramaniam Raju who underwent a liver transplant at Global Health City, 2 months back, returned to the hospital two weeks ago with a sustained heart attack. He was subsequently diagnosed with Coronary artery disease (CAD) following an angiogram. His frail physical health and ongoing recovery after a major abdominal procedure with immunosuppression and steroid treatment made him a very high risk candidate for a routine bypass surgery through a midline incision. Added to it were his high blood sugar levels.

He underwent the ThoraCAB / MIDCAB procedure using a left sub-mammary (below the breast) 3 inch incision that allowed the harvest of the left internal mammary artery (LIMA) and it’s connection to the Left anterior descending artery(LAD). His recovery was smooth and he was discharged on the 4th day after surgery.

54 years old Mrs. Papathi suffered a heart attack and underwent two bypass surgeries to clear her blocks using the minimal invasive method on 12th September; she is currently convalescing well and should go home by 16th September.

The cardiac team along with Govini Balasubramaniwith & Dr. Mahesh has written a new chapter in the history of cardiac surgeries.

Mitral valve replacement & successful repeat (re-do) valve replacement:

Global Health City recently performed Mitral valve replacements (MVR) including a successful repeat( re-do ) valve replacement on Mr. N. S Rao a young male who had a previous open heart operation to replace his aortic valve(AVR) a couple of years ago and 2 ThoraCAB / MIDCAB (minimally invasive coronary artery bypass surgery) successfully in this timeframe.

Speaking on the modus operandi of the complex surgery Director of Heart Surgery, Transplantation and Minimal Access Cardiac surgery, Global Health City said “The use of highly specialized devices, modified to allow skillful manipulation and fine movements, without being physically limited, by the reduction in the length of the operative incision is not new . But, these radically newer advancing and disruptive technologies increasingly, facilitate the performance of a very safe procedure also allowing surgical teams to be at the cutting edge that medical advances can offer.”

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